“You are the only you God made… God made you and broke the mold.” Max Lucado (via observando)

(via worshipgifs)

“Regardless of your view on Ferguson. If have zero compassion for that community you are not loving your neighbor as yourself. These are my cousins, aunts, nieces, uncles, nephews, and our ethnic bond is strong. It does not supersede my bond of faith but at times it feels like my eternal family could care less about my earthly family. I feel I’m only accepted if I perform well and don’t act like my “cousins”. I am the same as them but the grace of God has granted me opportunities they didn’t get. I pray for the families of the officers who haven’t seen their wives and kids for days. I have no ill will toward anyone I only want unity, equality, and love. Were it not for the compassion of people who didn’t look like me loving me I wouldn’t be all I am today. If we have ANYTHING and do not have Love…we have Nothing.” Lecrae


“I don’t want to keep speaking to the same million-or-so Christians in America who download the same podcasts and attend the same five megachurches and attack each other for wrong doctrine and the color of painting in the chapel. I want the people that no one else wants. Because I was the one that no one else wanted, either.” J.S .Park, Christianese Demographics.
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